Arcium raised $5.5M

Encrypt Everything.

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The first parallelized confidential computing network empowering developers and applications to flexibly access trustless, verifiable, and performant computing power.

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Encrypt Everything.

all on-chain applications and beyond

By bringing confidential computing to public blockchains, we enable all on-chain use cases to maximize their potential while empowering off-chain use cases to leverage decentralized infrastructure.

Key use-cases of the

Arcium network

MXEs facilitate the secure pooling of encrypted data from multiple sources, enabling collaborative AI model training without exposing individual datasets. This approach broadens the scope and diversity of data available for AI development, ensuring that the privacy of each contributor is preserved.


Encrypting fundamental DeFi actions while expanding to emerging sectors like RWAs and maintaining attribution possibilities catalyzes the mainstream readiness of DeFi, where compliance and auditability are crucial components for simultaneously protecting user data and fostering user trust.


DePIN is set to revolutionize essential sectors of our society. Confidential computing ensures these decentralized networking services, from wireless networks, supply chain systems, data storage and more can store, compute, and communicate sensitive data without exposing the data itself.


Healthcare providers, researchers, and institutions can securely collaborate on sensitive patient data with the Arcium Network, preserving privacy. Encrypted records can be analyzed to identify treatment patterns, conduct studies, and advance personalized medicine.

Powered by MXEs

Multiparty computation eXecution Environment (MXEs) are the backbone of the Arcium Network, combining MPC, Homomorphic Encryption, Zero-Knowledge Proofs and more to enable encrypted computations. MXE are highly configurable, enabling users to customize everything from the trust assumptions to hardware investment.

confidential computing for blockchains

Generalized on-chain confidentiality

Access confidential computing power without requiring changes to the underlying chain or bootstrapping a new one.

Parallel execution

Computations are executed in parallel, ensuring mainstream-ready throughput right out of the box.

Configurable setups

Customize MXEs to exact specifications, tailoring the level of trust, hardware investment, threshold and more.

Composable architecture

Utilize Arcium as a chain-agnostic network, streamlining the development process for ecosystem-specific developers while avoiding liquidity fragmentation.

Encryption built for developers

Construct MXE programs optimized for your exact use case without needing to reason through complex cryptography. Works out of the box with your favorite tooling to minimize the learning curve and maximize efficiency.

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Run a node
Build applications
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Trustless, verifiable, and performant

Arcium is a parallelized confidential computing network for blockchains, providing developers and applications with a trustless, verifiable, and efficient framework to run encrypted computations. Arcium aims to bring confidentiality to every on-chain application, becoming the global computing network for the decentralized internet.

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Arcium Raises a $5.5M Strategic Funding Round to Launch the First Parallelized Confidential Computing Network
09 May 2024
Arcium Raises a $5.5M Strategic Funding Round to Launch the First Parallelized Confidential Computing Network

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