The road to

Arcium Mainnet

The path to unlimited on-chain potential starts here.

road to Mainnet

In four phases


Phase 1

Incentivized Private Testnet

A closed cohort of early builders will set the first foundations of the Arcium Network.


Phase 2

Public Testnet - Arc 1

Arc 1 of our public testnet will initialize the first wave of users to the Arcium ecosystem. Arc 1 will bootstrap the first validator set and introduce the first applications, powered by the Arcium Network.


Phase 3

Public Testnet - Arc 2

Arc 2 will focus on the Network's staking mechanism, allowing users to delegate stake. Arc 2 will release the first round of pilot applications targeting traditional industries like healthcare, research and finance.


Phase 4

Public Testnet - Arc 3

Arc 3 marks the last phase before Mainnet launch, consolidating all of the last phases into one. In addition, we will host a confidential computing hackathon to find promising applications to launch with us.

Contribution possibilities

for everyone

Run a node

Run a MPC node or middle layer node and contribute to the compute capacity of the Arcium Network

Build or integrate

Build or integrate applications with the Arcium Network, empowering the uncompromised potential of your on-chain solution with parallelized confidential computing

Engage and Expand

Join our Discord and become a core part of the Arcium community. Learn, engage and shape the future of the Arcium Network with a variety of different roles and contribution possibilities.

Stake and secure

Delegate stake to help secure the network and earn rewards.

Applications are open for the incentivized private testnet!

Sign up for our incentivized private testnet to become a foundational part of the Arcium Network.

Have Questions?

Join our Discord to get more information and chat with a member of our team.